Our Educational Methodology
“Learning by doing” is our cherished educational methodology. The early years of a child’s education aims at developing the basic skills such as gross and fine motor control, social adjustment, cognition and aesthetics.

At the primary level of education, we are selective about our curriculum in all subjects with the explicit objective in our minds that it is quality rather than quantity which forms the basis of meaningful learning at this stage. Children are trained to assimilate and internalize knowledge and to perceive its relevance in real life situations.

We also believe in integrating information and communication technology with mainstream learning, a necessary component of modern education.
Our yearly curriculum provides ample scope for including a plethora of co-curricular and extra-mural activities to offer children opportunities to sharpen their talents in numerous areas such as games and sports, public speaking, dramatics, fine arts, music, dance and general awareness.

Classes in Islamic Studies are arranged for Muslim students during which students are given  basic knowledge in Islam and the Holy Quran. Value education classes are also arranged in order to inculcate moral values in the children and to provide them genuine life skills.