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icon Prospectus

Al Alia International Indian School, Riyadh is located at a prime location in Malaz. An exclusive International Indian School affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, it provides an ideal English medium education to the children of Indian community in Riyadh. Highly personalized and efficient school bus service routed to all major parts of the city provides safe and comfortable transport to the children
AAIISR stands apart as a school that cares. The Teacher - Taught ratio is maintained at an ideal level to provide individual attention to every child. The Early Childhood Education ( ECE ) wing of the school is constantly upgraded to provide a pleasant and secure environment, conducive for effect implementation of the child-centered system of education. The school environment for the children of primary and senior school is also shaped and moulded from time to time to suit their learning needs. In addition to the must-haves such as libraries and labs for science and IT education,the school makes well-planned arrangements for a wide variety of co-curricular activities which are considered essential for an all-round school education
For the children of Islamic faith, AAIISR makes special arrangements for intensive learning of the Holy Quran as a regular feature of the school curriculum.

icon Admission Procedure

1. Admission is granted strictly on merit
2. Application for admission should be made by the parents on a prescribed form, which can be obtained from the school office on payment of SR 30/- at the time of admission only

Admission Policy

    KG Section
  • For Admission to LKG the child should be 3 + on or before the first day of the academic year of the school. Admission will be given after discussion with the parent
  • A Birth Certificate from a competent authority along with other documents as required by the school, should accompany the admission form

  • Classes I – VIII
  • For admission to Std I to VII, the entrance test will cover English, Mathematics and Hindi and VIII & IX will cover Science as well
  • For fresh admission to Std I and Std. II, a Birth Certificate from a competent authority, along with other documents as required by the school, should accompany the admission form. Pupils coming from other schools should also submit the original Transfer Certificate issued by the previous recognized school along with other documents as required by the school

  • Classes IX & X
  • For classes IX to X entrance test will be conducted for the students coming from different schools
  • Admission to class X in the school shall be open only to a student who
    • Has completed a regular course of study for class IX
    • Has passed class IX examination from an institution affiliated to the CBSE Board or to any recognized Board or is recognized by the Education Department of the State/UT in which such an institution is located
    • If the child comes from some other background, other than CBSE and State Board, a certificate of equivalence has to be produced from the Embassy of India and Entrance test will also be conducted
  • Students will be allowed to take a particular 2nd language in Std IX only if they have studied that as 3rd Language up to Std VIII

icon Documents Required at The Time of Admission ( Compulsory)

Following documents are required to be submitted to the school at the time of admission

  • Admission Form in English duly filled ( attached with Prospectus )
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the last school attended ( for admission to Class II and onwards )
  • Passport copy of the student inclusive of residence page
  • Passport copy of the father inclusive of residence page
  • Copy of father's & student's iqama.
  • Photo copy of Birth Certificate ( 2 sets )
  • Five Photographs of the student ( Three recent passport size and two stamp size photographs )

icon School Uniform

Classes - LKG to XII
    Summer Uniform Boys
  • Navy Blue Shorts / Trousers
  • White half sleeved shirt
  • Navy Blue Tie
  • Black Leather Shoes with Rubber Sole
  • White Socks
    Monday / Sports Day Uniform
  • House Colour T shirt ( Without Tie )
  • White Shorts / Trousers
  • White Canvas Shoes with Rubber Sole ( Without any design )
  • White Socks
Classes LKG to IV
    Summer Uniform Girls
  • Navy Blue Pinafore ( length should be 2 inches below knees
  • White Half Sleeved Blouse
  • Navy Blue Tie
  • Black Leather Shoes with Rubber Sole
  • White Socks
  • White Ribbon for Hair
    Monday / Sports Day Uniform
  • House Colour T shirt ( Without Tie )
  • White Pinafore
  • White Half Sleeved Blouse
  • White Canvas Shoes with Rubber Sole ( Without any design )
  • White Socks
  • White Ribbon for Hair
Classes V to XII
    Summer Uniform Girls
  • Navy Blue Salwar
  • White Kameez
  • Navy Blue Dupata
  • Black Leather Shoes with Rubber Sole
  • White Socks
  • White Ribbon for Hair
    Monday / Sports Day Uniform
  • House Colour Waistcoat ( Without Tie )
  • White Pinafore
  • White Half Sleeved Blouse
  • White Canvas Shoes with Rubber sole ( Without any design )
  • White Socks
  • White Ribbon for Hair
    Winter Uniform
  • In addition to the Summer Uniform, Navy Blue Woollen Blazers or Pullovers ( with out any design ) for Boys & Girls
  • All other jackets / dresses are strictly forbidden
  • Navy Blue Dupata
  • Only Navy Blue Caps are permitted to be worn by students
  • White Caps on Monday / Sports Day are permitted
    School Uniform, Books & Stationery
  • School uniform, books and stationery as per the prescribed norms are available from the School Stores It is mandatory to purchase these items from the School Store only
  • Wearing House colour T Shirt (for Boys ) and House Colour Vest (for Girls ) with White uniform once in a week ( every Monday ) is compulsory
  • Students who do practicals in Plus Two Level should have White Coat / Blazer while doing practicals

iconScheme of Studies

  • CBSE Syllabus from Classes LKG to XII
  • Streams : Science & Commerce in Plus Two Level

iconThe academic year is divided in to three terms which are as follows

  • First Term : April to July
  • Second Term : October to December
  • Third Term : January to March
  • School Timings ( Saturday to Wednesday ) : 7.30 am to 1.30 pm
  • Office Timings ( Saturday to Wednesday ) : 7.30 am to 2.30 pm
  • Thursday - Office Timings : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

icon Code of Discipline in The School

Uniform & General appearance

Students are required to wear neat and clean prescribed school uniform every day to the school. A student not in proper school uniform will not be allowed to attend school and will be sent home with information to the parent
The hemline of girls’ pinafores will not be above the knee level
Boys are not allowed to sport long hair or any other abnormal hair style such as step-cut, mushroom, military or punk. Colouring and using gel for hair is strictly forbidden for both boys and girls. No elaborate coiffure /hairdo is permitted in the case of girls students. Any student not conforming to these norms will be issued a strict warning for the first time. Repetition of the same will lead to the suspension of the student concerned for a period of time determined by the School Discipline Committee
Wearing T-shirt, hats, sweatbands, sunglasses and ornaments of any type to the school is strictly forbidden. Only approved sports gear required to be worn during sports related activity in the school is allowed

Punctuality and Regularity

It is mandatory for all students to reach the school on time. Late comers with valid reasons and accompanied by parents will be accommodated up to the first period only
Absence from school for a day on valid grounds, supported by an application from the parent the next day, will be acceptable. However prior intimation from the parent, in writing, is mandatory for leave of absence exceeding one day
Truancy from school is a grave offence and can result in a student’s suspension or expulsion from school
A student will be allowed to leave school before closing time only for valid reasons in company with only FATHER, MOTHER or recognized GUARDIAN

Behavior and Conduct

Students of Al Alia International Indian School are expected to be gentle, polite and well-mannered. Their conduct in public reflects the quality of education they receive in the school
During working hours, order and silence are to be maintained while moving around the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed
Misbehaviour by any student within the school premises or in the school bus with teachers, fellow students, other school staff or with strangers while traveling by school bus will be viewed extremely seriously and will result in his/her suspension from the school
Use of foul and abusive language, disobedience towards teachers and other staff of the school, bullying, hooliganism, disturbing class/school activity intentionally or any other act amounting to violation of good conduct and bringing disrepute to the school will be treated as misbehavior
Forming gangs in the school, inciting and provoking other students to indulge in any type of indiscipline will be punished with prompt suspension and even rustication from the school will be administered
Possession and use of mood changing substances such as drugs and alcohol on school campus will lead to immediate expulsion of a student from the school
A student found smoking on school campus or possessing tobacco, cigarettes, lighter/ matchbox or any similar item or substance will be suspended from school

Prohibited materials

Bringing Radios, portable audio/video playing devices, Mobile phone, Pagers, iPod, Flash memory, Calculators, Laptop/ minicomputers, Cameras, weapons or any other gadgetry and objectionable literature to the school is strictly prohibited. All such materials found in the possession of a student will be promptly confiscated

Dishonest & Undesirable practices

Cheating in a test/examination or using other person’s work as his/ her own will lead to zero award in that test/examination/ assignment. Changing marks, grades or any other awards given on notebooks, answer scripts and report cards and forging parent’s signatures in the school diary or report card will result in the imposition of serious penalty/ action against a student indulging in such practices
Stealing is considered to be an extremely serious offence and may lead to grave consequences including legal action
Care must be taken of all school property. No student shall damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or elsewhere, or cause harm, in any way, to the body or belongings of others. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher and will have to be made good. Each class will be responsible for looking after the class property

Library Rules

  • Library books will be issued to students from grade IV to XI during the library period only
  • Students may choose their books from the shelves. They must take the books to the librarian for necessary entry in the issue register
  • Books may be borrowed for a week and must be returned by the date given on the date slip of the books
  • Books in the reference section are not allowed to be taken out of the library
  • Please keep the library books neat and clean and do not damage or disfigure them in any way
  • The attention of the librarian should be drawn to any damage to the book about to be borrowed
  • All books borrowed from the library should be returned one week before the terminal and the annual examinations. No student will be allowed to sit for these examinations unless dues are cleared from the library
  • Silence must be maintained in the library at all times
  • Students who keep books beyond the permitted time will be penalized

School Bus

Students must never put their heads, hands or elbows beyond the protective bars of the windows. Students must not shout and pass remarks at people outside. They should not wave hands at passers – by, throw things out of the buses and speak any language other than English
For good order in the bus, students must co-operate with the bus monitor and driver
Unruly behavior in the school bus shall render the student ineligible for using the school transport. Besides, strict disciplinary action will be taken for any misbehavior in the school bus
In all cases, parents will be informed and record will be kept by the school. The decision of the School Discipline Committee will be final and binding. In some cases, students may be advised to meet a counselor. If the parents do not turn up either for conference or any other discussion in spite of repeated reminders, the decision taken by the school shall be final and binding

icon School Fees & Bus Fees

  • Admission Form : SR.30 is the cost of the Admission Form attached with Prospectus
  • Admissin Fee : A non – refundable admission fee of SR. 300 (SR Three Hundred Only) per child is charged at the time of admission
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable when issuing TC.) :SR 200.00
  • Tuition Fee - Class KG – X (per month) : SR 200.00
  • Tuition Fee - Class XI (per month) : SR 250.00
  • Term Fee ( One time payment per year) :SR 100.00
  • IT Fee - Class-I onwards (One time payment per year) :SR 100.00
  • Lab Fee - Class IX-XI (Quarterly Payment) :SR 100.00
  • Transportation Fee (according to distance) : SR 125.00 – 150.00

Fee Details

Tuition Fee: An amount of SR.200, per student per month, is charged for all classes from LKG to X and for XI SR 250 per month is charged. The tuition fee is payable on quarterly basis. (200x3=600/250x3=750) However advance payment for the whole year is also acceptable. Parents having more than two children in the school are entitled to a fee concession of 50% for the 3rd and the 4th child only
The school management reserves the right to revise the school fees at any time

Bus Fee for all destinations within the city of Riyadh : SR. 125-150/- per month per student according to area .Bus fee is due for 12 months and is charged in advance on quarterly basis. Bus fee is non – refundable and non-adjustable. For cancellation of bus service, an advance notice of 15 days before the start of the quarter from which the bus service is to be discontinued is required

Mode of Payment

  • Quarter Last Date of payment without fine (on or before)
  • 1st (April to June) April 11
  • 2nd (July to Sept.) July 12
  • 3rd (October to Dec.) October 24
  • 4th (Jan to March) January 10

Late fee: A late fee of SR 1/- per student per day will be charged after the last date of payment as given above. If the last due date happens to be a holiday, the fees will be accepted on the next working day without late fee. If the school dues are not paid by the last date with late fee, the name of the student will be struck off the school rolls from the next day
In the event of a parent seeking readmission of the student whose name has been struck off on account of non-payment of fees, a readmission fee of SR 100/- per student will be charged along with the fees due

Please Note

  • The fees once paid will not be refunded
  • Fees for the full term have to be paid even if a student attends the school for a single day during that term
  • The bus fees for the full month will be charged if a student has used the school bus for a single day during that month
  • Prior intimation in writing is to be given to the school office regarding the discontinuation of the bus service to avoid the payment of full term transport fee