Welcome to Alalia International Indian School, Riyadh, KSA.
Al Alia International Indian School, Malaz, Riyadh is an institution that stands up to the highest standards of school education. We, at Al Alia International Indian School, stand firmly committed to our resolve to leave no stone unturned in providing the children entrusted to us the kind of school education that matches up with the best in the world of the twenty – first century.
Vision & Mission


Al Alia International Indian School students will remain actively engaged in the learning process as they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible, contributing citizens within the local, state, national, and world community. Al Alia International Indian School parents will remain actively involved as supporter for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff. Within a nurturing, safe environment, Al Alia International Indian School staff members will actively engage all students in the learning process and teach students to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and life-long learners.


To create knowledge and promote personal growth opportunities for the students to scale greater heights in life, to develop each student in to a balanced individual with leadership qualities capable of responding to the demands of the modern era with commitment to personal growth and community development, to provide quality education in a disciplined and stimulating learning environment with strong Indian ethos.